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Capsule from Elixir Graphics, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 5 out of 5. Capsule – If you have content that you want hidden away until it is required, drop the content into a capsule, add a button to open the capsule, finished.

Once every couple of months, we are presented with a new option to de-clutter our web pages. Only recently, we've seen sliders, tabs and accordions and now we have Capsule.

Capsule is an Apt name for Elixir's new stack …

If you have content that you want hidden away until it is required, drop the content into a capsule, add a button to open the capsule, finished.

If that sounds easier than adding a container to your page, checking the online instructions to remind yourself just which attributes and links are needed to open the container and then setting up links or linked buttons, it's because it is easier.

Capsule consits of two stacks – Capsule Content and Capsule Toggle.

Capsule Content has just two settings – it requires an ID and it can present itself with padding.

Configuring the Capsule Trigger will consume a little more of your time. Not because the configuration is complicated – quite the opposite – but because there are so many options …

First you will need to set an ID which, obviously, needs to correspond to that of the Capsule, then you need to decide if the page should load with Capsule's content visible or hidden.


Capsule Trigger's default setting has an icon to toggle the Capsule. There is a choice of 20 different icons for both the open and the closed states, so there is bound to be one to suite your personal taste. If you can't find an icon that you like, you can see if one of the 24 images that Capsule installs in the Media Library are more acceptable and, if all fails, you may drop images of your own (one for each state) into the HUD's image wells.

If you have chosen one of the standard icons, you will be able to specify both size and colour of the icons and their alignment within the stack. If you'd like to compliment your chosen icon with a text, there is an option for that too, along with size and colour settings.

The Capsule Content slides open when the toggle is clicked. The slide can be animated with one of nine effects and the animation duration can be set.

I have a couple of pages online that display similar show/hide content and the annoying thing is, when the hidden content is larger than the screen height, the user has to scroll back up the sceen to hide the content again.

Not so with Capsule, just add a second toggle below the hidden content and a close button will slide into view along with the Capsule. It just couldn't be simpler.

Capsule will remain open once triggered. There is, however, a setting which will allow a capsule to close all open capsules when it is activated. If set for each capsule, the result is a toggle effect. If used independently, one capsule could be used to 'tidy' up the page again.

Adam originally set out to create a stack that would enhance Bloom. The 'enhancement' has bloomed into an entirely independant stack that is simpler to deploy than any other toggle stack available to date. I wish I'd had this stack a few years ago!

One question that many will be asking themselves: What about SEO. Capsule's content loads with the web page and is hidden from view. Web crawlers can read the hidden content without any problems.

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