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Can you imagine, how many millions of new websites and pages are created online every day? indexed over 5.6 billion websites in June, 2013. In April 2017 the number mounts to 130 trillion pages. That is a massive number of pages for anybody to browse – and that is why search engines like Google, Yahoo!/Bing, and others have developed effective ways to manage the searching of that content.
In 2017 you want your page to be discovered. Bearing this in mind, it is important that your website is optimised for both human readers and for search engines — Preferably for the top contending search engines like Google and Yahoo!/Bing so that your website will found online by customers searching for the products and/or services that you provide.

Search Engine optimisation (SEO). What exactly is SEO?
Search Engine optimisation is the process of setting up your website so it can easily be found during Internet searches, using the Keywords that your target market will typically use when conducting a search for the product or service that you provide.
The goals are:
• Determining the most effective Keywords that your target market will use to search for your business
• Including the most effective Keywords in key areas of your website optimising your content for search engines
• Link-building in partnership with other sites

You probably already use a number of targeted Keywords in your marketing endeavours.
SEO costs little or nothing to implement and it eliminates ongoing costs and fees. It gets your website found by interested online customers, but it involves a little effort.
To rank well in search engine results, you must persuade the search engines that your website is a recognised authority in your industry. The information displayed on your website should, therefore, be reliable and useful to people who are researching Keywords and search terms relevant to your business.
To select the subjects on which you will base your SEO efforts, ask yourself the following 4Ws:

• What product or service do you offer and how does that product or service aid your customers?
• What sets you apart from your competition?
• What is your website about? Are using your website to educate or to sell to your audience?
• Who is your audience? Are you targeting individual consumers, corporation executives or middle management?

These specific Keywords, will help search engines more effectively direct online customers to your site.
Once you have some very specific answers to the 4Ws, you will be ready to tackle your optimisation.

SEO Keywords is a new suite of five stacks from CosCulture, that will not only assist you with your keyword optimisation, but also add meta data to your pages and generate a report so that you can check the effectiveness of your optimisation.

The stacks included are:
Report stack – Generates the above report in RapidWeaver Preview. This report is not published to your website.

Links stack – Allows the SEO Report to generate the Keywords and Links reports Converts all external links on the page to nofollow, just by setting one option.
Automatically generates a keywords meta tag and adds it to your web page. This meta tag is generated from:
Words or phrases that you specify Words that you specifically do not want to be included will not be. These are known as “negative words”.
Words that it finds on the web page that are more than x characters long, and occur more than y number of times.
The Links stack is added to the bottom of your page.

Meta stack – Adds up to 3 different meta tags to your web site:
1. Facebook/Open Graph Tag
2. Geotag
3. Structured Data.

Links Page and Links stacks – Used in combination to show related web pages, and enhance your site’s SEO performance.
You've probably seen search sites or search results that include "Pages similar to this"? These two stacks ensure that search engines can find these pages.

Before you purchase SEO Keywords, you might like to read the very informative instructions (the PDF is about two meters long), which you can see here.

Go forth and SEOptimise your site!


SEO Outpaced

Do you want to turn your RapidWeaver website into an unwavering search engine leader? The power of top Google ranking is huge. If your website dominates Google's first page for your target keywords, you can prepare to fill your bank accounts.
There's a science and an art to making websites get to page #1 – SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.
Done correctly, your business can be discovered by thousands of new people daily – securing you new levels of online profits and success.

Wouldn't it be great, if you could see how your website SEO performs before it is even published? With SEO-Rx from Chillidog you can!

SEO-Rx is a stack that you simply place on your YourHead Stacks page. When you preview the page, it automatically generates a preview of your page in Google search results and you will see exactly how your site scores in the SEO charts. SEO-Rx will automatically check to make sure you are following well established SEO guidelines. This includes checking: Page Title and all Meta Tags, Image file names and Alt Tags and Page Structure (in particular, your page headings). SEO-Rx also checks to see if your JavaScripts are being optimally loaded.

Drop SEO-Rx into a RW page and you will see a set of instructions and a list of Stop Words (words that search engines typically ignore). When you view the stack settings for SEO-Rx, you will find just six settings. Ignore Hidden Images; Hide Report (from the preview page); Show Word Count (appears when you hover over a text stack in preview mode); Show SEO Tips (below the SEO-Rx stack in preview mode); Stop Words List (language settings) and Page Size (the number of entries per table in preview mode).

SEO-Rx is a useful stack that is invaluable for checking the SEO compliance of a RapidWeaver web page/site, the only thing that it doesn't do, sadly, is suggest a list of keywords for your chosen topic, but that would be asking too much.
Oh, and it isn't published to your website – you're the only person that gets to see it.


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