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Album for RapidWeaver

Weavium builds stacks that are highly configurable. Album is one of those stacks. The Album settings panel is so long that it took me an hour to go through each setting and even then, I may have missed one or two.

Album is a lightbox stack and I'll say right from the start that I'm rather taken with it.
Album displays a stylised stack of photos which. when clicked, open up a grid of images which, when clicked, open to cover the screen. You can then scroll through the images using the navigation buttons. Both the photo stack.and the main lightbox window display a title alongside a description and each large image displays a caption.

Album – Weavium

Album – Weavium

Album – Weavium

As mentioned above, the stack settings panel is a mile long, so I'm not going to go through the settings here. Just take my word for it that you'll be able to set everything just to your liking, beginning with the size of the photo stack which can fill the page or be thumbnail sized – that's entirely up to you.

So how does it work? Drop an album stack onto your page and begin by configuring the initial album display. Then add a child stack for each of the images in your gallery. You can now go about configuring the gallery page, i.e. decide how many columns you wish to have displayed for each device, title overlay colour, page overlay colour, caption overlay colour and gallery font sizes etc.

It will take some time to set up Album exactly as you want it, but I guarantee that the effort will be well worth it. Be sure to take look at the demo project that comes with the stack!


Splash, A New RapidWeaver Theme

Splash, the latest theme from 1LD is an unusual, two-headed beast that's half modular framework, half theme.

According to the website, each Modular theme comes with a specialized theme Stack. The first of these is Splash which arrives with one theme stack and three Modular stacks: Condition, Section and Slider.
Building a Modular site involves a Header page with theme stacks. One or more Splash Theme stacks are inserted into the Header page. If you have ten pages, you may have a single Splash stack which will then display on every page, or you can add ten Splash/Condition stacks; one for each page. The Condition stacks contain instructions for inserting each header from the header page into the appropriate content page.
In a similar fashion, you also need to add a Footer page. The content from the footer page is then automatically added to every page of your project.

The content pages may be either standard RW pages, or Stacks pages into which you can add any content of your choice, including the Section and Slider stacks that come with the theme. The Section stack is a full width stack by default. The content width and the content colours are defined within the stack settings.
The Slider stack is a nice slider in which the transition (29 options) for each image is set individually. The use of the Slider stack is not confined to the Modular themes, which is great news.
When you view your preview, you can click the button that appears at the foot of the page to load the partials – i.e. the header and the footer.

Splash itself is an interesting theme that many will like. It has an animated wave below the Header and a blue-black footer (editable in the Splash stack). The header can be set to any colour you please including gradients or images with, or without a colour overlay and stacks. The header will also display the Slider stack.
The Splash theme automatically adds two menus – a centred menu bar without dropdowns and a floating hamburger menu that displays all your project pages including submenus.
Splash is delivered with a demo project and with a starter project. It's advisable to duplicate the starter project and use it as a basis for your new webpages.

Splash – 1LDStack settings
Splash – Contains all of the settings for your project page including all colours and fonts.
Condition – Show – only on specific pages (comma separated list), on all pages except (comma separated list).
Section – Content Width, Colours, Section ID, Section Class
Slider – Image Alignment, Slider Height (%), Slider Hang Time, Transition Time, Autoplay, Show Navigation only on Hover, Show Bar Timer, Slider Colours

The modular build of Splash is an interesting concept, especially for the less experienced Weaver. It doesn't have the steep learning curve that some frameworks have; it can be used with standard RW pages or with Stacks pages, but it is flexible enough to build even the most complicated page.
I look forward to seeing more modular themes from 1LD.


Yuzool Navigation for RapidWeaver

You often hear complaints about the standard RapidWeaver navigation bars and a number of developers have recently provided solutions that try to combat the problems. Many of these solutions, however, mean adding menu items manually. Not really ideal if you have a site with 20 pages. Yuzool Themes just released Navigation, a stack that will solve problems such as the menubar being limited to two levels of dropdowns.

Navigation – YuzoolWhen version 1.0.2 dropped into my mailbox, I took a look at it, but decided that it wasn't quite ready for a review. I wrote to Michael with a couple of suggestions, as did a couple of early adopters.
Michael took the suggestions seriously and, less than a week later Navigation jumped to version 1.1 with a dozen new options.
Navigation is now well worth taking a look at if you're looking for a new menu bar.

Navigation is a stack that targets frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap, but with a little CSS, the menu bar of most themes can be hidden and replaced, making Navigation the ideal menu bar for many standard themes too.

The stack can be set to fixed, or sticky and it can change colour when the page is scrolled. The mobile menu not only looks good, it is also practical.
The menu items can be configured to display on the left, or the right side of the bar and the dropdowns can also be set to left or right. There are also ten skins for the menu buttons.

Either a text, or an image may be displayed on the left side of the menu bar allowing you to name the page that is visible, or adding an appropriate icon. SVGs may be inserted.

Navigation – Yuzool

Stack settings

Menu General
Background [colour]
Items [colour]
Item Active [colour]
Font – Six options plus Custom
Font Size
Enable Font Awesome
Fixed menu
Scroll to Solid Colour
Solid Background [colour]
Click or Hover – Dropdown activation
Align Items – Left, Right
Align Dropdown – Left, Right

Dropdown Colours and Font Size
Effect – Animation effect for dropdowns – Eight animations
Dropdown Icon – Eight options

Responsive Menu Burger
Burger Text – Deactivated by default
Burger Colour
Burger Starts – Default 768px

Menu Styles
Styles – Ten skins for the buttons
Items Divider – Deactivated by default

Brand Settings
Image or Text – Text, RapidWeaver Image, Stacks Image, Warehouse Image
When Image is chosen, formatting options are displayed for desktop and mobile formatting – plus an alternate image for mobile.


Agency for RapidWeaver

Agency. That's the name of the latest Foundation/Total CMS project from, otherwise known as Jochen Abitz. Agency is a four-page project, plus six Admin pages.
Is it worth taking a look at? Let's see…

As we have come to expect from Abitz projects, Agency displays a clean design – a contemporary, but timeless layout; straightforward with no bells or whistles.
Full-page background image on every page (loaded via Total CMS tags). Dynamically generated content that's kept up-to-date via the Total CMS blog plugin and an About page that the client can easily edit. Instead of a cookie popup Agency includes a disclaimer page that is popular in the EU. The disclaimer page not only informs you that certain data (cookies) is being stored on the server, but also explains how personal date is handled – important with the upcoming EU Personal Data stipulations.

The homepage is in fact – as with the previous project 'PagePro' – a summary from the Post page; a sortable list of blog posts that deliver the latest information about your company. Oops, did I write 'company'? I mean, of course, agencies, designers, photographers, fashion designers, foundations, shops...
… In short: Anyone who has something to display or communicate.

So once more – is Agency worth taking a look at?

Absolutely! You may be an experienced designer pressed for time, but looking for a versatile, modern design for a client project.
Perhaps you're a newbie, just setting out with Total CMS and want the above.
Agency is modern, but timeless. It has automatically generated menu and background images. Just about everything within the project is client-editable. And Agency has an attention-grabbing look and feel about it.

Agency –

If you are either of the above, I'd grab Agency now while it's on special offer (code: AGENCY30) and profit from a versatile, professional design that incorporates CMS.

NOTE: Apart from a Total CMS license and the Foundation stacks, you will also need to download a number of BWD stacks (Donationware) two paid stacks and one other free stack to take full advantage of the project.


WebYep2 for RapidWeaver

Back in 2002, two years before the release of RapidWeaver and long before WordPress, an open-source CMS appeared on the scene. WebYep allowed you to quickly turn any website into editable pages where the user could update content on the live page. WebYep has been completely overhauled by Max Fancourt (and team) and is now available as version 2.

Joost, of Tsooj Media, released a suite of RW stacks which allowed Weavers to easily add WebYep to any RW project. Will Woodgate took over the development of the stacks and they have just been re-released. The code has been completely overhauled and the new stacks are fully compatible with WebYep2, adding new features to to much loved suite of WebYep stacks.

Now it must be said that the stacks aren't absolutely necessary if you wish to use WebYep. If you're comfortable working with a little code, you can still make any existing site editable by adding the WebYep macros to it. The stacks, however, combine the power and flexibility of common WebYep elements with the friendliness of the Stacks drag-and-drop user interface you have become used to.
The sophistication and flexibility of WebYep is truly astonishing. It's modular approach of editable elements allow you to mix-and-match different components together and build complex, editable web pages and web apps. Loops let users clone and reorder whole areas of a webpage; whereas the menu element provides the "holy grail" of dynamically generated webpages! It really is a remarkable system.
I recently wrote a review of WebYep, comparing it to other CMS available for RW. You can read the review here.

On the forums, many users have been clamouring for an update to WebYep. They'll be happy to know that the update is here at last!


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