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Creating Events in RapidWeaver

An Open House, a Video Conference, a Sales Event/Exhibition – they all need advertising. Your announcement needs to display date(s), Location, and further details. 1LD just released a stack that will allow you to advertise your event in a practical and stylish fashion – Events.

One Little Designer is one of those stack developers that is currently on a roll, releasing practical and very current looking stacks – one after the other. And the speed with which these stacks are being published does nothing to affect their quality, the are all 1A rated.

Events is the ideal stack to announce any sort of event, be it a single day event, or one that covers multiple days. Events displays a large date, the event title and short description and can also display the location, times, or login details for instance. When clicked, Events slides open to display further details. The details can contain practically any combination of stacks that you care to add.

Events – One Little Designer
As to be expected from 1LD, every aspect of Events may be configured to match your website. All colours, fonts and sizes (within reason) are customisable.

Stack settings
Show Top Date – Day number
Show Bottom Date – Month name
Show Description – Short description
Show Info 1 – Location, times, URL etc.
Show Info 2 – As above
Maximum Width – px
Wrapping Point – Wrapping point for mobile
Break Points – Tablet, Mobile

Events General
Margin – Vertical, Horizontal
Padding – Inner padding
Content Spacing – Between title, description, info
Title – Size in px Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Title Weight – Bold, Normal
Description – Sizes in px
Info 1 & 2 – Sizes in px

Events Dates
Top Format – Default DD
Bottom Format – Default MMMM
Min Width – px
Padding – Vertical, Horizontal
Date Top – Sizes in px
Date Bottom – Sizes in px
Font – 15 WebFonts, plus Custom. Not yet an option for theme fonts.

Events Details – Toggle Text, Padding, Text Sizes, Font

Event colours – Colour settings for all of the above

Events Item
Open Initially
Info 1 Icon – Google Material, Fontawesome, or Ion Icons
Info 2 Icon – As above

As you can see, Events, as is typical for 1LD stacks, is endlessly customisable and the results are not only practical, but attractive.
If you have an event to announce, I suggest that you take a look at the 1LD product page right away.


Tabloid for RapidWeaver

Someone recently commented that Gary at Doobox is on a roll. Well, just to prove the fact, he released yet another new stack a few days ago. Tabloid – a new take on columnised content.

The idea of letting text flow into newspaper-like columns of equal height isn't a new one, I have three or four stacks in my arsenal that will do just that, some older, some newer. Define the number of columns (with more recent stacks for multiple devices), drop in your text and watch it reflow.
Tabloid is a completely new approach to the idea.
When you drag a Tabloid stack onto your page, you'll see an empty stack with a reminder that you are working with columns, simply drop your preferred text stacks, drop in any other stacks and watch everything reflow into columns of equal height and a predetermined width when you hit preview.
The predetermined width is the key to the stack's responsiveness, if you set a column width of, say 250px, an average-width website can display three columns in desktop view, but a tablet in landscape mode can not. In such a case, Tabloid expands the column width to fit the viewport and will display two columns. This relieves you of the necessity of setting the number of columns for each device.

Tabloid – Doobox
Stack settings
Column Width – px
Spacing – Gutter Width in px
Dividers – Colour

And that's all there is to the setup.
As simple as the setup is, Tabloid is a very effective stack that effortllessly reflows your content into equal width / equal height columns – any content.


Snaps – Sections for RapidWeaver

Tommy, the speedy graphic designer also know as DeFliGra, just released a sister stack to Stack Me. Snaps is the Danish word for a liquor, but it also aptly describes what the stack does – it snaps to the top of your screen.

Snaps is a set of two stacks that will scroll their content (i.e. each section) to the top of the screen when the page is scrolled, swiped, the up down keys hit, or the scrollbar is clicked. The Snaps demo page also demonstrates that the stacks can be linked to via a menu, a text link, or with BWD's Mouser stack.
The two stacks are the Snaps Settings stack and a Snaps Div (scroll to) stack into which you can drop any content that you please. Only one Snaps Settings stack should be placed on your page, further sections are added with the Div stack.

Snaps is ideally combined with Stack Me which, as we recently saw, is great for positioning content. If Stack Me is set to 100% viewport height , you can build full-screen sections that snap to the top of the screen when the page is moved up, or down. And – if you're using Stack me, you can forget the Snaps Div stack and change the classname of the Snaps Settings stack to stackme. Your page will then scroll to the next Stack Me stack.

Snaps – DeFliGra

Stack settings
Height=100% – Yes, No
Timing – Scroll speed in ms
Offset – Px

Snaps is available free on the Stack Me page and I'm sure that many Weavers will find it useful.


Typist for RapidWeaver

Once a year, or so it would seem, a new Tickertape stack arrives on the market. Gary at Doobox just released Typist, a stack that not only writes your text, but can then carry out further actions.

Typist is one of those stacks that is quite unique, it can type a text on your page at varying speeds and then reveal a second stack. If you wish, Typist can then continue to type further text, and then (repeat the above)…
… cool, or what?

Typist will trigger n seconds (you set the time) after it is scrolled into view. If it visible on page load, it begins to type immediately after the time you have defined.

Typist – Doobox
Stack settings
Trigger – When Scrolled into view, Triggered When Type Stack Above Ends
Delay – Seconds
Text Type – Paragraph, H1—H6
Colours – Theme, Custom
Align – Left, Centre, Right
Humanize – Typing speed – adds a human-like feel to the typing
On Complete – Do Nothing, Remove Flashing Cursor, Show Extra Content Below

Typist could theoretically build a whole page as your visitor views it.
A novel stack that I'm sure will appear on many websites in the near future.


Flex – A New Accordion For RapidWeaver

Weavium's collection of stacks is rapidly expanding. The latest Weavium stack, Flex, is a new take on an old theme – Expanding content in RapidWeaver.

There are a dozen stacks available for RapidWeaver that will expand their content. Some are themed, many can be fairly freely customised and now there is Flex, a stack that many Weavers will find interesting due to its configurability, or should I say Flexibility? Flex is quote: "expandable content, like you've never seen it before".

When you hover over a Flex drawer, its height expands to indicate that is ready to be clicked. When you click, the header shrinks again, changes colour and the drawer opens to display its content. The Flex drawers may be formatted collectively, or individually – the choice is yours. The collective formatting overrides the individual formatting.
You have a wide choice of fonts and icons for the drawer's title and there is an optional button with a neat animated slide effect to open, or close all of the drawers at once.

Flex – Weavium
Stack settings
Open All On Start – Deactivated by default
Collapse Siblings – Active by default – when a drawer is clicked the previous drawer closes.
Max Width – px
Breakpoints – Tablet, Mobile
Header Padding – Vertical, Horizontal
Content Padding – Vertical, Horizontal
Title – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile – px
Icon – D, T, M –px
Dropdown Icon – D, T, M – px
Container Text – D, T, M – px
Header Font – 16 optional web fonts, plus custom
Content Font – Dito
All Caps Headers – deactivated by default

There now follows a long list of colour (including gradients and images) settings for Flex's settings for each static, hover and active states; colour settings for the Open All button and the option to deactivate said button.

Flex Item
Open This Item on Start
Icon Font – Three optional Icon Fonts, plus Custom
Header Title [colour] – Open, Closed
Header Icon [colour] – Open, Closed
Header Overlay [colour] – visible when active
Content Text [colour]
Content Overlay
Background Colour – Static Drawer colour

Flex's appeal lies not only with the slick animations that it delivers, but also with the total configurability of each of the drawers.

EDIT – January 23 2018 Flex has since been updated – twice:

Version 1.0.0

Ability to customize expand/shrink sizes on hover & open
Ability to style items individually or with shared styles
Open/Close all toggle with customizable colors & text
Ability to nest multiple Flex stacks inside one another!
Ability to add custom icons
Ability to set sizing option on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices!
Version 1.0.1
Added ability to adjust corner radius on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices


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