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Automatically Redirect Visitors To A New RapidWeaver Page

DelayedRedirect from Marathia will open a new page for your visitor after a set delay, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 3 out of 5. A useful stack if you have a splash page where no interaction is needed.

Marathia has a new stack to automatically redirect visitors to a new page.


DelayedRedirect will open a new page for your visitor after a set delay. A counter shows the remaining time to the moment of change. 

DelayedRedirect is useful if you have a splash page where no interaction is needed, such as a special seasonal offer, a product overview or a notice informing visitors that your website has moved to a new location.


DelayedRedirect is based on JavaScript, so don't for get to supply a link to the new page for those that have deactivated JavaScript and those impatient visitors that can't wait to view your content.


​What's New in Formloom 3 For RapidWeaver

Formloom 3 update, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 5 out of 5. Formloom is the ideal plugin to create forms for RapidWeaver. It's very much a stack you will purchase once and use dozens of times!

This time last month, I got a message telling me that Yabdab's Formloom had been updated to version 3.
My reaction was "yeah, so what?" Wrong reaction!
Last night I got a message that Yabdab was up to something new, so I looked at their website – nothing new except for one of those dozens of Black Friday offers, but while I'm here why not take a quick look to see what's new about Formloom.
A lot, it turns out. A list as long as my arm.


Formloom is a RapidWeaver Plugin. Plugins allow you to build complete specialised pages for RapidWeaver: storefronts, maps, etc. or – forms. Not really prickling and anyway, I use stacks and it's always a bind getting those pages to display on a stacks page. Not so with Formloom. Formloom has become fully responsive and using the new Formloom 3 Remote Stack, you can now embed any Formloom 3 form into Stacks pages.

Programmed exclusively for RapidWeaver® 6, Formloom 3 was updated to take advantage of everything that RapidWeaver 6 and Mac OS X 10.9+ has to offer:
Totally Responsive Using Bootstrap, Formloom 3 has been completely rebuilt to output Mobile-First, Responsive HTML. Your forms will look perfect on phones, tablets or any mobile device.
New input types, include:

Star Rating
Color Picker

formloom ux

Further enhancements are:
Save Data to Google® Sheets Save your form submitted data to your specified Google® (Spread)Sheets.
Tooltips  Place hover-tooltips on your inputs and position them to the top, letft, right, bottom and more. 
Input Icons  Complete Font Awesome support for placing icons in your input fields. 
Masking Support  Make sure input data s formatted exactly how you need it by using the new masking feature. 
New Validation Rules  Make sure you get the info you need with the many validation rules that have been added to Formloom 3. 

Email Validation
URL Validation
Date Validation
Require Digits (Number value)
Value Equal To...
Min Length
Max Length
Min Value
Max Value

Block Trouble Makers  
New security feature allows you to block form submissions from specified email addresses and IP addresses.
Added Style Settings Design your form by choosing the colors, font and font sizes for your form.
DKIM Support Provide added validation for emails sent from your Formloom 3 form using DKIM.
Custom Classes For power CSS users, Yabdab provides the ability to add custom classes to your form inputs.

To round off this list, the user interface has been improved and looks good with the addition of full-screen functionailty, cleaner layout and retina optimized UI.

Yabdab says that there are many more improvements under the hood making it difficult now, to choose between FormSnap – Yabdab's form stacks – and the advanced functionality of Formloom 3.
If you build professional websites, Formloom is very much a plugin that you will purchase once and use dozens of times.


Sentry – Remote Control For RapidWeaver Pages

Sentry from NimbleHost, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 5 out of 5. Log in to your website with a mobile device and hide erroneous stacks.

It's probably happened to all of us at some time or other: You upload the final touches to a website and leave the house. While you're out, you decide to check the site with your smartphone or, worse, your customer calls – there is an embarrassing error. An RSS feed isn't working, or a link points to the wrong page …


Enter  Sentry from NimbleHost.
Because you've added Sentry to your website, you can quickly log in to your site with your mobile device, your laptop or whatever and hide the offending stack until you are able to return to your workstation and correct the error.

Sentry doesn't add borders, links, icons or other visual method of triggering the login window. It's designed to be invisible until you need it, and intuitive to use. Just press and hold any Sentry-enabled area to log in and make changes. If you have problems with the "click & hold" method, can also add "?action=login" to the end of the URL in your browser, and the login form will be displayed. Simple!


1LD's Responsive Grids For RapidWeaver

responsive grids

Responsive Grids creates fully responsive columns and allows you to add rows for extremely quick implementation. Create between one and six responsive columns and up to four rows. Add responsive gutters between the columns, maximum widths. 

Responsive breakpoints give you complete control of how your sections display when viewed on various screen widths and devices.
Responsive Grids will make all text and images within your layout fully responsive.

Read more

Andrew Tavernor's Foundation Stacks

Foundation stacks from Andrew Tavernor, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 5 out of 5. Andrew's stacks extend Foundation's functionality and are free of charge.

If you are a Foundation user, the chances are that you already know Andrew Tavernor. He is one of the most active members of the Google+ RW-group.

Andrew is a nocturnal animal and spends his nights experimenting with Foundation formatting. He has turned his attention to stacks and has produced eight stacks that are aimed squarely at Foundation.

Andrew's three 'Plus' stacks; Button Plus transforms the humble Foundation button into a flexible do anything button. Paragraph Plus gives you real power for your Foundation Text. Read More, Drop Caps and much much more while  Header Plus formats Foundation Headers like you’ve never seen before. Already in use on a few pioneering sites, Header Plus can do what could previously take two or three stacks.

The five 'Topbar' stacks; Joey gives control of the TopBar extra zones and whats more, allows you to create new content areas in your top bar. Surgeon allows you to style every aspect of the Foundation TopBar easily with live edit mode preview. Scroll Up upon scrolling the page, Topbar changes size and opacity. Slide Up Content placed within Slide Up will scroll up, off the page as usual, but will reappear when the visitor slides back down the page a little. Dropdown Styler takes the dropdown components of TopBar Surgeon and super charges them. Slide Up is especially interesting, as it is not restricted to Foundation, it will also work with other third-party stacks.

The stacks are available free of charge on Andrew's brilliant new website. Andrew's support, by the way, is first class, but he does note on his site that, due to the fact that his activities are purely nocturnal, that he is not available 24/7.


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