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If it was always your dream to build your own stack, then you probably already downloaded Will Woodgate's Blank stack from Stacks4Stacks. It is, as the name states, an empty stack containing a single line of HTML. Will's blog has a detailed entry, explaining just how to build a stack. The majority of Rapidweaver users suffer from codephobia, so there probably aren't so many home-baked stacks floating around.


Will's latest stack takes advantage of the new 'User Stacks' addition that was added to Stacks 2.5. Builder is a blank stack that is placed on your Rapidweaver page and allows you build your own stack elements with code snippets from sources like CodeCanyon, Bootstrap, CSS Tricks, StackOverflow or JS-Fiddle; comprising of HTML, CSS and Javascript markup. These self-built stacks can then be duplicated on a page. Alternatively you can save these Builder stacks as User Stacks, for quick use on other pages or projects.

The difference between the two stacks? With Blank complete stacks are created outside of Rapidweaver and, theoretically can be distributed to other users, once completed. 
Builder stack elements, however are created directly on a Rapidweaver page. An image slider for instance would, when finished, contain the links to all of the images to be displayed. Once the stack is saved as a User Stack, it contains those exact same images and is un-editable.
If you wish to duplicate the results whilst preserving the editable format, you need to save the Rapidweaver page. Not exactly ideal for distribution.

Both stacks are free of charge (a donation is always welcome) bringing the count of free stacks on Will's page up to 38!


PayPal Cart Solution ...


If you are looking for an eCommerce or online payment solution, Yuzool should, in the meantime, be your first stop. Michael has a solution ready for Mal's commerce, Pay, Stripe, Stripe Checkout, or Pricing.

Today he released Cart, a simple PayPal cart solution that quickly gives you a PayPal cart across your site. Add products with options like sizes or colours – up to 7 options for each product.
Add the "View Cart" stack to any page you want a pop up of the current status of the cart for shoppers. Cart stack remembers the items placed in the cart from any page so it’s possible to have a one page store or a full blown e-commerce site.

One thing that Cart can't do yet, though, is volume discounts. For now, you will still need Cartloom or Paysnap to offer discounts on multiple purchases.


SidePanelCSS — A (if you hadn't guessed) CSS Slider ...

It is strange, the way the stack-design-world works.
It looks very much as if a designer sees a newly produced stack and thinks to himself
"But I can do that differently ..."

It seems like only yesterday that I wrote about SexyThing - a slider stack. A week later Pressure Designs released Slideout and now Tommy at DeFliGra has come up with SlidePanelCSS.

Now Tommy loves to play with CSS effects, so his new slider is a little different. It half rolls, half slides your content onto the page from either the left- or the right-hand side and the width of the slider can be set to either pixel or per-cent, meaning that, if you wish, the content can slide in to cover the whole of the page it was opened from.

Use SidePanelCSS as a container for extra content, as a hidden menu bar or to display images. The possibilities are almost unlimited.


Rapidweaver and panorama photography ...


Yuzool has released their 40th stack (congratulations, by the way ...) and it is an interesting one,

Michael has developed a panorama stack.
If a picture says a thousand words, then a panorama must be an essay ...
Today anyone can take a panorama image. Almost every modern smartphone or compact camera has a panorama mode. The images that these devices produce are astonishingly good; I've used one or two of them on customer sites - customers are proud of their photographs and want to see them online.
Until now, I've had to make do with static images, but with Yuzool's Panorama, you can display a cropped portion of the image and let your user scroll around in it.
I photograph professional 360ºx360º panoramas, so the only thing I'm waiting for now, is an option for auto play and an option to scroll the image up and down too.
The first feature request is easy enough to implement, I doubt we'll be seeing the second any time soon. Who knows ..

BTW - Purchase two stacks with the Code STACKY or two themes with THEMEY and get one free. This is a limited offer until May 22.


Foundation for Rapidweaver ...


You may (or may not) have heard of Foundation. Until a few weeks ago, I hadn't.
I'd heard of Bootstrap and that's about all.

Like Bootstrap, Foundation is a responsive front-end for website programming.
It is, however, the world's most advanced front-end framework and with its  mobile first philosophyFoundation brings faster websites to all your visitor's devices.

Joe Workman has invested five months of programming to bring Foundation to Rapidweaver. And he has managed to pack the whole front-end into a set of stacks - at last count 71 in all. This is an amazing feat.

Foundation for RapidWeaver uses the latest technologies to sky rocket your site into the modern era. Not to mention that it's built for speed! It's so fast that it leaves IE8 in the dust.

I, personally, have been testing the software for around five weeks now and like what I see. The resulting websites are compact and load with amazing speed. And NO, the resulting websites are not compatible with IE8! It's time to break with ancient technology — or do you still use SCSI-drives too?

So what is the difference between Foundation and Freestack responsive, you might ask ...
With Foundation, you can build for small devices first. Then, as devices get larger and larger, layer in more complexity for a complete responsive design. You can customise your build to include or remove certain elements, as well as define the size of columns, colours, font size and more.

I love FS R, I really do, I built a number of sites with Blueball's solution - in fact, I actually went and re-built most of my sites, as soon as I saw the flexibility it offered. Foundation offers much, much more, though.

Charlie Lockhart was pretty pissed off, when he heard that Joe was programming on Foundation. To be honest, I was too - it sounded as if it would be a total rip-off of FS R.
I'm sorry, Charlie, Foundation is so much more.

For a complete overview of Foundations capabilities, I suggest you visit Foundation's own overview page and see for yourself, just what is possible.
Chapeau! Hats off to Joe, he's done an amazing job ...

If you are a serious Rapidweaver, I assure you that Foundation will be worth its weight in gold ...
... and I have some websites to re-build.

Edit: FYI. I just rebuilt this site with Foundation and am rather pleased with it.


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