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Three In One ...

Two special offers and a new stack to announce today ...


Let's begin with the new stack:
Michael at Yuzool released the Stripe Checkout stack this week. He promises: No more annoyingPayPal redirects. Customers can pay instantly, without being directed away from your site to complete the transaction. The stack has a Responsive Layout and is Mobile Optimised. Checkout with 1-tap; remember customers for later; full screen number keyboards.

Jeremy at 1LD has a special offer which lasts until April 4. The code 1LDSPRING_20OFF will get you a 20% discount on any stack or theme; 1LDBUNDLE_40OFF will get you 40% off any bundle.

Gary at Doobox promises a huge discount on the already massively discounted All Stacks Mega deal. There are 64 premium stacks and 8 legacy stacks included. That is every stack Doobox sells.
Grab the deal now, as the offer ends at mid-day on the 30/3/2014.
Enter the cart code "mega50" after adding the deal to the cart here to see the price reduction.


Fade ...

content fader

Our new kid on the block, Dominic Koponen
 of DK Stacks, is very busy exploiting JQuery at the moment. His latest stack is also very interesting.
Content Fader helps you add subtle features to your content so that you can stand out from the get-go.
Content placed in this new stack fades out as you scroll down the page and fades in as you scroll up the page. The fade effect is defined in px (i.e. the number of pixels scrolled over the stack) between 100 and 1000px and the transparency can be set to fade to between 0% (invisible) and 99%.


WeaverThings4 update ...

UPDATE WeaverThings4 is now online. ModalThing is still in Beta, so it has been replaced by SelectThing - a vertical sub-menu solution, and StickyThing - transparent adhesive-tape [Sellotape, Scotch Tape, Tesa, Cellulose Tape - what ever you prefer to call it]  to secure stacks to your page.

You will also find that a number of interesting new WeaverThings Freebies have been added to Rapidweaver Central's page. Check them out!


WeaverThings 4 ...

It was originally my intention to review 1LD's new stack Sticky Navs here. However, rumour has it that Marten Claridge has been locked away in a back-room somewhere in Edinburgh and is quietly churning out stack after stack for WeaverThings 4. Before you purchase Sticky Navs, I recommend that you read the following important news.

WeaverThings 4 is due to be sprung upon us within the next fortnight, some whisper that it might even be next week!
In my humble opinion, the mainstay of WeaverThings 4 will be SexyThing a sticky slider which, at first glance, is similar to Sticky Navs. SexyThing is, however, substantially more versatile. I've tested SexyThing over the last few weeks and have found that it can contain almost any stack you care to place within it, as long as that stack doesn't need to be visible upon page-load. SexyThing can be a menu, a contact form, a video-lightbox ...
... if you can imagine it, SexyThing can probably do it.

DottyThing - more than meets the eye - a horizontal ellipsis [...] to divide your content. Both the size and the spacing of the dots are configurable and they can optionally rotate when the page scrolls.

ProfileThing is a stack for creating personal profiles  -  a main image plus a circular inset for a profile image and a container for further stacks, e.g. for an accompanying text. Great, if you need to introduce your employees, but I can also envisage various other uses for it - menu cards, being just one simple example. 

TwitterThing is a simple animated slider that can link to your Twitter account. See the tweetie-bird flap its wings as the slider appears.

ModalThing is a lightbox with a container to enter a caption and a container to position stacks. A button is automatically placed on the page to open the lightbox and, when opened, the lightbox displays a button to close it. 

CornerLinkThing is a stack which devours any stack, you care to place inside it. The clou - the top right-hand corner contains a plus symbol that can be linked to anything you please. 

Last, but not least, TitleThing is great way of adding titles to your content ...
... a ribbon frames whatever is placed in the stack below it. The ribbon itself can contain a title-text and an option is included to insert content above the ribbon. Many formatting options are available, including gradients, round corners, even warehoused images. Here are a couple of great example from Marten:

Needless to say, Marten has included multiple formatting options with each stack, including Entypo Icons for menu bars and user-definable colours and gradients. WeaverThings 4 is the ideal package if you wish to present concise information and/or create sticky navigation tabs, etc. Each stack can, of course be purchased separately. Watch this space for news of availability.

I threw together a quick test page to demonstrate some of the options that are being thrust upon us, you can see it here.


Doobox ...

Watch Doobox this weekend! Gary has been hard at work producing new stacks for us ...


... Owl will be available this weekend - the webpage is just in production here. So what is Owl? In Gary's own words "A stupidly simple to deploy, fully responsive, and versatile slider stack." Yes, it's yet another slider stack - but one with a difference. Versatile is the keyword here.
First off, it is responsive and will automatically resize for mobile viewing, at the same time, if you set out displaying e.g. six images on the desktop, it will adjust the number of images visible to fit the display of a mobile device. You also have options to display any or all of the EXIF data contained in the images. (The icon displayed here is not the final 
version, there will be slight alterations)


Already online is Iconz. A Font awesome stack. Gary took the amazing font awesome icons and made them fully responsive.
Now, when you choose any of the 369 icons from one of the 8 categories built right into this stack, no matter how large you choose to make your icons, they will never exceed their available space. You may colour them, scale them, and add backgrounds to them, as well as turn them into bulleted lists. But you never ever have to worry about your icons being cut off on smaller screen sizes.


EXIF has also been also online for a couple of days: Inspired by the exif values 500px use in presenting images, the stack automatically retrieves optional exif data for "Camera Model" - "Focal Length" - "Shutter Speed" - Aperture" - "ISO/Film" - "Date Taken". This new stack is also fully responsive and will display images at up to 1024px.

And the really amazing thing? Despite all the work Gary has on his desk, he still answers support mails within minutes, sometimes even seconds! Hats off to Gary - keep up the great work!


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