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I recently demonstrated how large amounts of information can be presented online, without cluttering up the page. The five examples were all inline (contained within the page being viewed). This option can lead to very large pages and longer loading times whilst the structure can be difficult to follow for maintenance.

Hijax from Nimblehost offers a solution that can load inline content or offline content. The offline content can be a complete web page from another server or a web page or part of a page from the local server.

Here is a simple demonstration.


Font Awesome

Font Awesome

Yesterday, someone asked me 'How can I add Font Awesome Icons to my web page?'
Joe Workman recently published a detailed Podcast on the subject, so I shan't re-invent the wheel by explaining again here, instead - here is a link to the Podcast .

One Little Designer also has a free stack  which serves the same purpose on Stacks pages. The stack can simply be dropped into your page and then the code for your Font Awesome icon can then be copied/pasted into any text stack using alt-cmd-V (paste as plain text) the Font Awesome codes can be found here . Chose the icon you wish to use, click on it and then copy the code displayed 


Here an example for an external link icon as used above.


Bring & Show ...


I often have the dilemma that a client has large amounts of information and wants it all displayed on a single page. I still, however, care what my pages look like and don't want to present customers (yours or mine) with reams and reams of text or rows and rows of red t-shirts, blue t-shirts, yellow t-shirts ...

One way of presenting information, is to hide it until it becomes relevant. If the customer is looking for blue t-shirts, let him click the button for blue t-shirts and have the page expand ...

Here are five different ways to cram loads of information into the smallest space possible ...


Touch Slide

Touch Slide

Touch Slide is a RW slider stack from One Little Designer that is super touch friendly and allows for adding both images and videos. With a dozen or more slider stacks already on the market, do we need another one?
We do! Most of the sliders available have a speciality, so what is special about Touch Slide ...
Touch slide has animated captions and will allow HTML 5 video loops to be played within the sliders.
Add Touch Slide into any stacks section or import it into slider sections (this option is only available for themes that have Extra Content slider sections and will require an import plugin). Check out the impressive demo ...




Released just this week, the XL Stack lets you display your site in the full width and height of the screen like a native application or video.

Add a completely customizable button at the bottom of the screen which switches between full-screen and small-screen. Fullscreen mode is a relatively new feature on the web, but XL is supported in all modern browsers and the latest version of IE 11.


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